Last night.

There was a moment backstage last night.

I was next to a beloved member of our production team. We were watching a performer sing their heart out, and I wanted to verbalize how epically beautiful, and strange, and humbling, and thrilling it was to see a dream created 10 years ago continue to live this year.

So I said, “I’m so tired.”

Born for Broadway exists because of the community of people who rally it to life, year after year. It grows because we do, motivates us to do more, fires the belly and ignites the drive to keep pushing forward.

And sometimes, you forget to sleep, and eat, and talk, and smile, because you’re so busy staying awake, focusing on the next steps. Reaching, rallying, running forward.

Sometimes you say you’re tired. But what you mean is, “I’m never as alive as I am this exhausted. I am so grateful for everything that makes me weak. And I can’t wait to not sleep again next year.”

Thanks to everyone who came to Born for Broadway last night.

Thank you.




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