The first five seconds made me gasp.

My issue, turns out, is not what Anthony Weiner does behind closed doors. With the doors wide open, he’s  vile.

Imagine if there was a Quinn, or a DeBlasio, or a Thompson video containing disrespect toward a voter (or anyone really, without that kind of political power). Watch the press attack their character, their motives for speaking out of turn.

But Weiner? We expect him to be miserable, arrogant. He carries it like a badge of honor.

Anthony Weiner will likely lose the mayoral. The magazine covers will continue. A news network will call. And we will reward him his self proclaimed outsider status with even more attention.

And perhaps, who knows, his show will tank and he can run for comptroller instead.

One thought on “Weiner, Revealed. Reviewed. Reviled? (Hint: Not Quite.)

  1. CJ says:

    Hey this dude really seems genuinely proud of that thing. I haven’t seen ‘it’ but judging from what I have seen of his bared chest, ” Lil Dick” is probably just ‘short’ of being a legend only in his ‘Big Dick’s’ mind? As a person has had the occasion to see hundreds and hundreds of dicks due to the nature of her profession, I basically came to the conclusion that most men tend to exaggerate wildly. (liars or maybe victims of that body dysmorphic thing I read about somewhere) Lol!
    The sad part: He has confirmed what I’d guessed all along about politicians…they do a lot of dicking around.
    Hey Weiner, PUT THAT THING AWAY!

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